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April 2015

Greetings to participants at the 3rd Annual Combatting Education Irregularities and Examination Fraud Summit in Johannesburg, where Barbara is running a workshop.

Elsewhere this month, we’ve been busy running invigilation training for a variety of schools and colleges as they gear up for exam season. Increasingly, ETD also works with companies and organisations which deliver work-based tests or professional exams. We help them ensure the highest standards of invigilation, so that their assessments are high-quality and robust.

As our colleagues in Africa say, “Examination invigilators determine the quality of the assessment”. Or as we like to put it, “An exam is only as secure as the person invigilating it”.

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We’re honoured that Barbara Wynn has been invited back to Johannesburg to run a workshop on invigilation at the 3rd Annual Combatting Education Irregularities and Examination Fraud Summit.

The summit recognises that exam fraud and irregularities are on the increase in Africa, and that these thrive when invigilation is slack. As they say, “Examination invigilators determine the quality of the assessment”.

Barbara’s workshop explores the responsibilities and professional standards of invigilators as well as approaches for managing emerging threats within the exam room. It’s not only rewarding to contribute to the integrity of exams internationally, but provides fresh ideas and activities for ETD’s training here in the UK.

February 2015

How do you provide fresh, meaningful training year on year to a team of experienced invigilators? Check out our new Enhanced Invigilation Skills training package which builds on invigilators’ existing skills to enable them to be even more effective.

January 2015

Do you let invigilators drink tea or coffee in exams? Are they allowed to eat sweets or snacks? Read our latest blog “Do you want chips with that exam?” and let us know what happens in your centre.

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