Exam Team Development is a social enterprise which trains and supports exam centre staff in UK schools, colleges and training organisations, so that they can deliver the best possible exam experience for their students. ETD offers:

  • Training for invigilators including those taking the IQ Level 2 Standard Invigilation Award
  • An innovative Active Invigilation Training session focusing on observation skills, vigilance and candidate management
  • Training for senior invigilators
  • Support and training for exam centre staff in managing invigilation teams
  • Personal development courses and individual coaching support for exam officers and other exam centre staff.

We continue to develop new training and support services in partnership with the


April 2014

Barbara Wynn and a briefcase full of ETD training materials sets off for Johannesburg, to run the workshop mentioned below on “Effective Invigilation in the 21st century”. It’s an exciting extension of our work, and it’s had us preparing new activities which we’ll be including in our usual programmes.

Andrew Harland, from our partners the Examination Officers’ Association, is flying out with Barbara, as the EOA are also involved with the conference.

February 2014

ETD goes international! We were excited to get an invitation to contribute to a conference in South Africa on Combating Education Irregularities and Examinations Fraud. Barbara Wynn will be going to Johannesburg in April to speak about effective invigilation, and to work with exam managers on their own invigilator training.

We’re also getting booked up in the UK, with centres wanting training before the main exam season starts in May. So don’t delay, get in touch now to see what we can do for you.

January 2014

A Happy New Year to the exam community.

We have a winner for our competition to win a free ETD Basic Invigilator Training Session. It’s Eckington School, Derbyshire. Congratulations, and we look forward to working with you.

For those who didn’t win, our training is great value, so do get in touch to see what we can do for you.

December 2013

Could it be Christmas? We’ve just sent out details of a fantastic new competition for our newsletter subscribers: the prize is a free ETD basic training session, normally priced from £175 – all you pay for is our travel costs! Full terms & conditions here

If you’re not already signed up, click the link on the right to subscribe. We’ll send the newsletter, with details of how to enter the competition, to anyone who subscribes before Thurs 9th January 2014.

And with our Seasons’ Greetings, here’s more from Evie the Exam Officer:

November 2013

Congratulations to invigilators at Coombe Dean School Plymouth, who are the first to achieve the new IQ invigilation qualifications which ETD helped to create. Read the full story here.

Sept 2013

We’ve spent the summer working on the IQ Invigilation Awards. We’re grateful to the exam centre which piloted the Standard Invigilation Award and gave us lots of positive and helpful feedback which we’ve now incorporated into the award. Contact the Examination Officers Association to register your team for this valuable qualification. We’ve also completed work on both the Senior Invigilation Award and the Managing Invigilation Award, and the EOA is organising centres to pilot both of these as well.

With end of year exams becoming even more important, having a reliable and well-trained invigilation team is a must. Get in touch to see how ETD can refresh your training sessions this autumn with our practical, informative and enjoyable training.

July 2013

We’ve been eagerly studying the ICE booklet to see what’s new for invigilating GCSEs, GCEs and similar qualifications for 2013-2014. If you run exams under Joint Council for Qualifications regulations, we know you and your team will be studying the booklet yourselves, but feel free to whet everyone’s appetite with our summary of 10 key changes which are coming in on 1st September.

June 2013

The end of this summer’s exams is already on the horizon. Why not book an ETD training session before the end of term, to help your exam team reflect on how things went and to develop and build on their skills for next time? Participants consistently rate our training as excellent or very good, and exam officers say it makes a real difference to their team.

April 2013

There’s been lots of interest in the new Level 2 Invigilation Award which has been developed by Exam Team Development in association with the EOA and awarding organisation Industry Qualifications. Find out here about the award and how ETD training can help your invigilators to gain it, or sign your invigilation team up for the qualification at www.examofficers.org.uk.

March 2013

When Shhh is Not Enough

The booklet on managing candidate behaviour in exams, written by Anne Borrowdale and Barbara Wynn, has been extended and updated, and you can now buy it here as an ebook or print copy.  Whether you’re an individual invigilator, or in charge of a school or college invigilation team, When Shhh is Not Enough is a must-have guide!

February 2013

Invigilation Training and guidance

The Examination Officers’ Association have produced a new DVD about invigilation, now available from www.examofficers.org.uk. ETD was invited to take part in the filming, and to write a guide to using selected parts of the DVD in an invigilator training session. Read more about it here.

December 2012

Season’s Greetings from Exam Team Development

November 2012

Lots of you are using our light-hearted “Bird Quiz” in invigilator training. ETD has several different ways of bringing it into the training we run in exam centres. Here is one activity based on it which we’re happy for you to use.

Or give us a call on 01865 39521001865 395210 or 07786994866 to discuss how our active invigilator training sessions can benefit your team.

September 2012

We haven’t yet got the date when the new training DVD we told you about in July will be available, but if you’re looking for a fresh approach for your invigilator training this autumn, contact ETD to see what we can offer. We still have some dates available.

We know a lot of Exam Officers have enjoyed using our entertaining “Bird Quiz” in training sessions, because it also gets people thinking. See our blog entry Under Orders for another free, light-hearted resource which could be used to help invigilators think about their duties and priorities. We think Exam Officers will appreciate point 3.

August 2012

New fee structure

Are you part of a small exam team? We’ve changed our fee structure to a per person basis, to make our training more accessible to smaller exam teams. We will run a half day session at your centre for only £22 per person (for between 10 and 15 participants) plus travel.  For centres which are members of the Examination Officers’ Association, the cost is only £20 a head.  Phone Barbara Wynn now on 07786 99486607786 994866 to discuss what ETD can do for you.

Results days

Good luck to students receiving A level and GCSE results this month, and good luck to Exam Officers making sure students’ results get delivered to them. We know how much work goes on behind the scenes and on the day.

July 2012

We can finally reveal the two, linked, major projects we’ve been working on over the last couple of months:

We’re very excited to be collaborating with the Examination Officers’ Association to produce a new DVD for training exam invigilators. Filming takes place this month, and it’s hoped that the DVD will be available from September. Watch this space!

While the DVD stands alone, it will also link to an invigilation qualification which we’re also helping to design. This will have an online assessment unit to be accessed free on the EOA website. Taking the qualification will be a way for invigilators to gain and develop their knowledge and skills for the exam hall, and will assist exam officers in their recruitment and training of invigilators. It could also be a first step for those interested in becoming exam officers. We’ll provide up to date details here, or there’ll be news of developments on the EOA website.

Finally, invigilators whose exam centre has EOA membership, can now be Affiliate Members. This gives them access to information, resources and their own place in the EOA community.

April 2012

Which GCSEs engage candidates the most, regardless of grades, and does it mean anything? See our latest blog.

March 2012

The Independent on Sunday reports that 45,000 students were found cheating in coursework and exams. Read our latest blog entry

February 2012

Our blog page brings you reflections on news stories, books and general interest items relating to exams, invigilating, and training ideas. We’ve also just opened a Twitter account  so we can share links and stories more easily and contribute to wider debates on exams and education. Follow us @ExamTD

“The long arm of the cheat” Read our latest blog entry

January 2012

What have gorillas got to do with invigilating exams? Read our latest blog entry

December 2011

ETD was on the road in October and November, providing our “taster workshops” to exam officers attending BTec courses in London, Northampton and Manchester. We enjoyed working with lots of different exam officers, and hearing about the different ways they manage their work and their invigilators. Their feedback is already helping us to develop new aspects to our training.

We have also met positive and enthusiastic invigilators and exam officers as we’ve run training sessions from Brighton to Birmingham.

Barbara Wynn also attended the Stakeholder meeting organised by the Examination Officers Association on December 6th . This was a valuable opportunity for ETD to network and discuss issues with participants representing many varied aspects of the exam system.

September 2011

Dates for the BTec courses (see below) have been confirmed, and ETD will be attending those in Bristol (24th October), London (25th and 26th October) and Manchester (25th November) to do “taster” workshops. We hope to see some of you there.

Count your chickens? We’ve light-heartedly divided invigilators into four “bird types”, and you can find out what you are by taking our great new quiz!

August 2011

This Autumn sees the launch of an exciting pilot project, as ETD run free Taster Sessions for Exams Officers doing the online BTEC course run by the Examination Officers’ Association. One session will be on “Personal Development”, and the other on “Getting the most out of your exam team”. The tasters are designed to be fun, as well as useful, and will help us develop and improve our services for the exam community.

July 2011

Invigilator Training becomes Exam Team Development. To mark the fact that our work is now much more than simply training invigilators, as of July 4th 2011 we have changed our name to Exam Team Development.

June 2011

Exam Team Development‘s Anne Borrowdale, has an article in the Times Educational Supplement 24th June, relating the trade secrets of the invigilator.

Invigilator Training is working with the Examination Officers’ Association – the professional body representing the exams office community in schools and colleges – to cooperate in the provision of appropriate support and training for invigilators.




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