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ETD directors Barbara Wynn & Anne Borrowdale


Exam Team Development is a social enterprise which trains and supports exam centre staff in UK schools, colleges and training organisations, so that they can deliver the best possible exam experience for their students.

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We continue to develop new training and support services in partnership with registered charity the EOA and offer special discounts to EOA members. EOA membership include the Exams Oracle management tool, peer support forums and networking tools.
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We’re honoured that Barbara Wynn has been invited back to Johannesburg to run a workshop on invigilation at the 3rd Annual Combatting Education Irregularities and Examination Fraud Summit.

The summit recognises that exam fraud and irregularities are on the increase in Africa, and that these thrive when invigilation is slack. As they say, “Examination invigilators determine the quality of the assessment”.

Barbara’s workshop explores the responsibilities and professional standards of invigilators as well as approaches for managing emerging threats within the exam room. It’s not only rewarding to contribute to the integrity of exams internationally, but provides fresh ideas and activities for ETD’s training here in the UK.

February 2015

How do you provide fresh, meaningful training year on year to a team of experienced invigilators? Check out our new Enhanced Invigilation Skills training package which builds on invigilators’ existing skills to enable them to be even more effective.

January 2015

Do you let invigilators drink tea or coffee in exams? Are they allowed to eat sweets or snacks? Read our latest blog “Do you want chips with that exam?” and let us know what happens in your centre.

Don’t miss our competition! Book an ETD training session before the end of January for the chance of winning a Hotel Chocolat eGift card. Details are here.

December 2014

Our latest Newsletter is out now, featuring details of our 2015 prize draw. Going by the number who generously provide chocolate cookies at training sessions, we thought exam officers would appreciate the chance to win a £20 Hotel Chocolat eGift card! To enter, simply book an ETD training session before 31st January 2015. Full details here.

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November 2014

Thank you to the EOA for making it easy to keep up with Awarding Body news, by putting updates here every Monday. At ETD we’re especially interested in anything which affects invigilation. We were interested to see that, according to AQA, two common faults which exam inspectors noticed in exam rooms in 2013-2014 were labelled water bottles and opaque pencil cases. These are usually some of the easier things to spot, so it’s a reminder to invigilators to make a point of looking out for them.

AQA also set out some changes to the timetabling of A-level and GCSE exams which could have an effect on invigilators’ working hours, including placing most A level and GCSE Maths exams in morning sessions. GCSE English and English Literature exams, and all A-level papers  which are more than two hours long (except for the second A2 Law paper) are also in morning sessions. GCSE Science is more balanced between morning and afternoon.

October 2014

Anne at EOA

We enjoyed meeting exam office staff at the EOA conferences in London and Manchester. We’ve started taking bookings for 2015 as well as for this term, so do contact us now to discuss your requirements and to reserve a date.

September 2014

We’re providing workshops on managing invigilation at this autumn’s EOA/Babcock Professional Development Training Conferences for exam office staff. The conferences are in London on 2nd Oct and Manchester on 8th Oct, and further details and a booking form are here.

Each conference offers:
• Latest updates from the experts on key changes in the education and exam sector
• Practical learning to manage the exam officer role more effectively
• An excellent forum for network and sharing best practice on key areas such as invigilation, JCQ inspections, reporting to SLT and governing bodies, risk assessment, control assessment, access arrangements, special consideration, and lots more besides.

Already booked? Let us know what key invigilation issues you face so we can include them in our workshops.

August 2014

Best wishes to exam officers on results days, and we hope you’ve had a good summer break too.

The new ICE booklet is out, and studying it from an invigilation point of view is always a highlight of our summer! We’ve summarised key changes here. There aren’t many of them this year, although we note JCQ have tightened up a number of regulations to do with Access Arrangements.

July 2014

We like to keep a current exam hall perspective in our training, so ETD co-director Anne Borrowdale has been doing her share of invigilating in May and June. We’ll be looking at any new invigilation issues thrown up this year, so we can reflect them in our training programme.

We’ll also look at what invigilation issues are thrown up by the Examination Officer Association’s annual survey. This is open to both members and non-members, and you have until 23rd July to take it. All feedback is useful, whether your exam season went better, worse or just the same as previous years.

May 2014

We’re drawing breath after a very busy spring. We’ve been impressed by the dedicated exam officers and invigilation teams we’ve met through our training sessions. It’s been a privilege to help them build on their skills and strengthen their teamwork. Our best wishes to everyone for the summer exams.

Know you’re planning invigilator training for late June/early July, but no time to think about details? You can ask us to reserve the date for you and confirm nearer the time.

April 2014

Barbara Wynn and a briefcase full of ETD training materials sets off for Johannesburg, to run the workshop mentioned below on “Effective Invigilation in the 21st century”. It’s an exciting extension of our work, and it’s had us preparing new activities which we’ll be including in our usual programmes.

Andrew Harland, from our partners the Examination Officers’ Association, is flying out with Barbara, as the EOA are also involved with the conference.

Delegates at the Examination Fraud Summit

February 2014

ETD goes international! We were excited to get an invitation to contribute to a conference in South Africa on Combating Education Irregularities and Examinations Fraud. Barbara Wynn will be going to Johannesburg in April to speak about effective invigilation, and to work with exam managers on their own invigilator training.

We’re also getting booked up in the UK, with centres wanting training before the main exam season starts in May. So don’t delay, get in touch now to see what we can do for you.

January 2014

A Happy New Year to the exam community.

We have a winner for our competition to win a free ETD Basic Invigilator Training Session. It’s Eckington School, Derbyshire. Congratulations, and we look forward to working with you.

For those who didn’t win, our training is great value, so do get in touch to see what we can do for you.

December 2013

Could it be Christmas? We’ve just sent out details of a fantastic new competition for our newsletter subscribers: the prize is a free ETD basic training session, normally priced from £175 – all you pay for is our travel costs! Full terms & conditions here

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And with our Seasons’ Greetings, here’s more from Evie the Exam Officer:

November 2013

Congratulations to invigilators at Coombe Dean School Plymouth, who are the first to achieve the new IQ invigilation qualifications which ETD helped to create. Read the full story here.

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